29 May 2017

G7 meeting - NOT amateur radio

This photo was widely shared on Facebook. I have no idea where it was first made.

6m JT65

Last night, as a precaution, I went QRT and disconnected plugs and antennas. We had thunder and lightning overnight (I'm told) but I slept through it!

At the moment I am on 6m JT65 (1W ERP). Best DX on TX is 9A2DI (1532km). There have been G spots, ON (tropo or aircraft?) and Es on 6m. On 6m JT65 RX the best DX is EA8JK (3021km).

UPDATE 1112z:  As well as the Es, I have been spotted in Cornwall by G8BCG (372km) in IO70 square. If this was tropo, it was a long way.

UPDATE 1604z: Plenty of Es from/to Europe on 6m JT65 today. What would be really good would be if we got Es to the Caribbean or South America on 6m JT65. Although it feels quite humid here, there are no thunderstorms shown in the UK. Unless thing change I intend to stay on 6m JT65 until late this evening.

QRP and QRP Club

As usual, Oleg's report:

Dear Club 72 members and friends,

Weekly QRP Rendez-Vous Report (May, 28, 2017)
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Sunspots and 10m - Monday May 29th 2017

Solar flux is 77 today and the sunspot number is 20. A=51 and K=1.

28 May 2017

10m JT65

At the moment the sun is shining at there is no risk of storms until much later. I am on 10m JT65 and am likely to be using this band/mode most of the day. I am not expecting "real" DX, but there could be some Es around Europe. No spots so far today.

UPDATE 1115z: So far today just spots from G6SSN (75km) on 10m JT65. No Es. There are storms over the English Channel, moving our way. I need to keep an eye on these. but it is likely to be OK for several hours yet.

UPDATE 2112z: Widespread 10m Es with lots of spots of my 10m JT65. About to go QRT. Es still great!

Sunspots and 10m - Sunday May 28th 2017

Solar flux is 79 today and the sunspot number 21. A=14 and K=7. With disturbed conditions I am not expecting great things of 10m today, although Es may well help.

27 May 2017

Storm risk has passed - now on 10m JT65

As the storm risk has passed I have turned on my FT817 and PC on to 10m JT65. No JT65 spots as yet.

UPDATE 1945z: ZP5PIA (10275km) in Paraguay was the first station spotted n 10m JT65 at 1926z.

UPDATE 2045z: The station in Paraguay looks like the only station spotted on 10m JT65 since late this afternoon when I first switched on.

Enforced QRT - storms

There is thunder and lightning about so I decided not to go on the air today. You can track the storms at https://www.lightningmaps.org/?lang=en#y=52.2238;x=0.0464;z=6;t=3;m=sat;r=0;s=0;o=0;b=0.00;n=0;d=2;dl=2;dc=0;

Sunspots and 10m - Saturday May 27th 2017

Solar flux is 79 today and the sunspot number 22. A=3 and K=1.

Rallies this Sunday


Bowburn Community Centre, Co Durham, DH6 5AT The venture has disabled facilities and car parking on site. Doors open from 10.30am to 2.30pm with disabled visitors gaining access from 10.15am. Admission is £2. There will be trade stands, Bring & Buy, talk in and catering on site. There will be an RSGB bookstall. More details from Michael, G7TWX on 0782 692 4192 or by email to dadars@gmx.com


Bushmills Community Centre, 14 Dunluce Road, Bushmills, Co Antrim BT57 8QG There is car parking and disabled facilities at this venue. Doors open at 11am and entry is £3. There will be trade stands, a Bring & Buy and an RSGB bookstall. There is catering on site. Stevie Morrow, MI0ULK on 07544 923 956 or email stephen769@talktalk.net.

A list of rallies can be found at http://rsgb.org/main/news/rallies/